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Blonde: The biopic to beat them all?

Blonde: The biopic to beat them all?

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Source: Netflix

With Hollywood going crazy for ‘biopics’, it was only a matter of time before we were blessed with the legend Marilyn Monroe’s story on our screens. Well, that time is closer than we thought as Blonde – Marilyn’s biopic will be debuting on Netflix on September the 28th

Blonde will be the first biopic of its kind to premiere on a streaming service and will star Ana de Armas as Marilyn herself.

Source: Netflix

Blondes Plot?

But what’s blonde about? Well, it takes us on the journey Norma Jeane Mortenson experienced in becoming the Hollywood icon or, as we know her, Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe’s fans are aware that although her life appeared to be bedazzled with fame, money, diamonds and beauty, she also endured her own demons of abuse, addiction and romantic issues. Sadly, these demons took their toll as the star was found dead from an overdose in 1962 when she was just 36 years old.  

As shown in the trailer, the film is shot in colour and black-and-white. We also see in the trailer that the film will dissect the icon’s private day-to-day life with her lovers and showcase her life in front of the camera.

In the trailer, Ana playing Marilyn says, ‘I know you’re supposed to get used to it, but I just can’t. I play Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe. I can’t face another scene with Marilyn Monroe.’

Source: Timeout

Director, Andrew Dominik, commented on the movie’s given rating (NZ-17) ‘I was surprised [about the NC-17 rating],” Dominik said to Vulture a few months ago. “I thought we’d coloured inside the lines. But I think if you’ve got a bunch of men and women in a boardroom talking about sexual behaviour, maybe the men will be worried about what the women think. It’s just a weird time. It’s not like depictions of happy sexuality. It’s depictions of situations that are ambiguous. And Americans are really strange when it comes to sexual behaviour.”

How to watch Blonde.

Thankfully, even if Netflix doesn’t decide to do a screening in cinemas, anyone with a Netflix membership can watch Blonde on its release date.

As well as Netflix, Blonde will be shown at the 2022 Venice film festival, which runs from August 31 to September 10.

Source: Glamour Magazine

The Cast of Blonde

As we know, Ana de Armas will be our blonde bombshell, and if her performance in No Time to Die and Knives Out is anything to go by, she will be sensational.

The other cast includes:

  • Adrien Brody as The Playwright (Arthur Miller)
  • Bobby Cannavale as The Ex-Athlete (Joe DiMaggio)
  • Caspar Phillipson as The President
  • Sara Paxton as Miss Flynn
  • Julianne Nicholson as Gladys

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