Stray: A game where you get to be a cat?

Stray: A game where you get to be a cat?

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One of 2022’s pleasant surprises has been the long-awaited indie game Stray. Released in July 2022, stray has taken the gaming community by storm as they have been able to live out their feline fantasies of exploring a dystopian future as a ginger tabby cat!

Stray was released to PC and PS4/5 consoles leaving Xbox and Nintendo players feeling pawsitively (sorry) left out.

Source: Polygon

What to expect from Stray?

Stray has been compared primarily to the incredibly loved movie Love, Death and Robots from Netflix. This could be due to the dystopian aspect of the game or the striking resemblance in graphics to that of the episode ‘Three Robots’.

Stray is a single-play, third-person platforming game with a charming touch of puzzle solving thrown into the mix. We follow our four-legged furry friends along the neon-lit alleys and streets of Hong Kong scaling walls, collecting items and bumping into many – and I mean a lot – of robots. When the player is uncertain about what to do or what path to go, our furry pal is aided by friendly drone ‘B-12’ in pointing the way on how they can get home.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun


The Platforming

The Platforming is arguably the most prominent part of the gameplay, a mixture of scripted and dynamic jumps, leaps and climbs. Although Stray seemed to portray the idea of being able to free run anywhere and everywhere throughout the game, it is evident that you can only have the option to jump on platforms and walls that give you the opportunity to. Or you can leap into the air repeatedly, which is entertaining.

The Puzzles

As well as platforming, Stray has our iconic duo B-12 and Stray overcoming physics-based puzzles, which our drone directs Stray on objects to pick up and move or chuck. These puzzles are generally mandatory to progress further into the game.

Source: Stray Game

B-12’s Duties

Not only does B-12 serve as a guide in smashing through mind-boggling puzzles, but he (or she) also permits us to get through areas that can not be accomplished with fuzzy paws and lack of opposable thumbs.


Although it would knock everyone’s socks off if there were some armed-combat or even scratch fights in Stray, this game is not surprisingly a no-direct combat game.

The Trailer

Since the announcement of Stray, there has only been one trailer release, giving us a comprehensive insight into the mechanics, gameplay, platforming and, more importantly, the cute kitties.


In conclusion, this game takes the gaming community to a new level of immersion in a way that I don’t think any of us expected. I don’t believe many people claim their life’s dream to be a feline wondering neon-lit streets, but maybe it is the dream none of us knew we had!

The game and storyline do take some twists and turns that are undoubtedly unexpected! All in all, we can conclude that Stray is one hell of an adventure.

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