The Ascent – Cyber Heist (PC)

The Ascent – Cyber Heist (PC)

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Starting off with the base game, ‘The Ascent’ it is a Cyberpunk themed game, which some people are interested in because it is not your typical style and can be quite intriguing for players as cyberpunk is more science fiction based and very different to other genres.

Source: Steam

This action packed roleplaying game was developed by a Swedish indie gaming studio called Neon Giant, and they have only developed one game in 2021, which is The Ascent.

The game itself is portrayed from an isometric view (Graphics that use a parallel projection) which makes it easier for players to target enemies from low and high, this helps players also change from close range and and further away as well this is a key element of the games cover system, letting players aim over props in the surrounding environment.

You can also fully customise your character, from how they look to new upgrades and skills you can unlock, you can also gain an upgradable ‘cyberdeck’ device which allows you to infiltrate previously locked areas and search particular chests.

Source: TheGamer

Another really cool feature is the game features a destructible environment which means if your character misses a shot, or uses explosives, you’ll be able to see how the environment is impacted by that. Another feature is the ‘fast travel’ system, developers designed a built in subway system and even a paid taxi to help players travel a lot quicker.

There are different modes in the game, single player, online co-op and local co-op which means you can game with your friends even if they live far away!

Continuing with The Ascent Cyber Heist DLC, to play this DLC, you will need the base game! The DLC was released on the eighteenth of august this year, so it is still relatively new!

Source: Youtube

This DLC is perfect for if you have completed the base game and are eager for more! You have the chance to unlock a wide variety of new weapons, travel to new overworld locations and complete new main and side missions; you can also bring your friends on these adventures with you, like the first game you still have the option to play on your own or with friends near and far!

Players will also be able to hold more weapons! You also have the opportunity to experiment with the all new melee weapons which are brand new and exclusive to the DLC. Cyber Heist is set after the base game and players can access it after completing ‘The Ascent’.

Described by some players as Cyberpunk 2077 meets Diablo; I have to agree with them! This game does not have a specific type of player, Neon Giant have done incredibly well with making sure The Ascent can be enjoyed by a wide variety of gamers, from people who are just interested in the Cyberpunk side of the game to gamers who are more interested in the weapons and roleplaying side, players will always have fun with the base game and now the DLC!

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