Dead Island 2: Will we ever get to play?

Dead Island 2: Will we ever get to play?

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Dead Island has been a huge hit with players over the years, the first game being released in 2011, then Escape Dead Island being released in 2014, fans are well overdue for a sequel!

The internet blew up in 2014 after developers Deep Silver revealed that there will be a Dead Island 2 coming soon! Little did we know.. it wouldn’t be for another 8 years until another update!

Fans lost hope, but alas, deep silver revealed that Dead Island 2 will finally be released in early February 2023!

But is it really going to happen?

Source: Epic Games

Recent news from the Gamescom 2022 announced that Radiotimes were having conversations with the developers of Dead Island 2, videos have been spreading around the internet of sneak peek trailers of the new Dead Island 2, the video is not much to go on however, Deep Silver probably didn’t want to give away much information as they want players to still have the anticipation of what the game will actually be like after 9 years of development!

Dambuster studios are now the ones to be developing Dead Island 2, Dambuster have developed games like Chorus in 2021 and Homefront: The Revolution in 2016, as Dead Island 2 release date gets closer and closer, more and more details will be shared, so keep an eye out!

Gamers will be able to play Dead Island 2 on PC, PS5, Xbox series X and S, Xbox one, PS4 and Google Stadia, so there’s no excuse not to play it! Players will be able to pre-order right now on Amazon and GAME in the UK.

Source: Metro

What we know so far:

Dead Island 2 allows players to pick from six characters to play as in the apocalyptic city of LA! Each character has special skills, players will have the option to upgrade their characters, there are also old and new weapons lying around the map, from guns to shivs and electrified claws!

Going back to events at Gamescom 2022, Radiotimes had the amazing chance to test out the game and it did not disappoint! The game seems very melee weapon focused according to Radiotimes, the combat from the demo they played has been said to be ‘very challenging’ however quite satisfying when you complete scenarios and can move onto the next part of the story!

Source: Redbull

Just like the other Dead Island games, Dead Island 2 takes place in a first person setting.

There are a couple of trailers around for players to watch, a little snippet from Deep Silver explaining little parts of the game say that the game is set a few months after the events on Banoi, the US military has placed LA under a full quarantine!

California is now a restricted zone and has become a bloodbath for residents that were too stubborn to leave their homes but for adrenaline junkies, California became their own personal playground of the dead. Players will also be able to experience close combat like in the other games, however, Dead Island 2 brings crazy new elements to weapon crafting!

Source: NME

That’s all we know so far! We’ll have to wait for more updates from Deepsilver and Radiotimes, until then, trailers are available to watch now!

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