The Ascent – Cyber Heist (PC)

Starting off with the base game, ‘The Ascent’ it is a Cyberpunk themed game, which some people are interested in because it is not your typical style and can be quite intriguing for players as cyberpunk is more science fiction […]

Razer Tartarus v2

The Razer Tartarus is a mechanical gaming keypad offered by Razer. It has 32 fully programmable keys, a mouse-type scroll wheel, and 8-way directional thumb pad. So why would you need one? Your computer has a keyboard and it’s highly likely […]

Elder Scrolls 6… sorry PS5 users!

One thing that’s always a constant battle for developers is platforms, some games hit certain franchises for a reason, some are political and some just are down to market research. Since Microsoft went and gobbled up Zenimax Media, the burning […]

Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy

More gameplay footage has leaked online from Rockstar’s upcoming remaster of the grand, fantastic, best PS2 era there ever was of Grand Theft Auto.. a coincidence? It’s hard to believe this never happens, but yet, our wonderful nerdy players have […]


Outriders was launched on the 1st of April this year, and so has had plenty of time to bed itself into the gaming community. It provides a semi-new take on the traditional 3rd person shooter such as The Division, Ghost Recon, […]

Doom 2016

I admit I’m biased. The First Person Shooter genre, led by the original Doom back in the 90’s, spelt the end for planar-based systems like the Commodore Amiga. I’m still rather fond of the Amiga, but the problem with the […]