Modern Home Automation

Modern Home Automation

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Home Automation is a concept that was unknown until recently but now it is growing in popularity. Home automation gives you many advantages like safety, security, and control of your home and appliances from a distance. You have a choice between automation for a single room or the entire home. You can choose automation for your appliances, lighting, or even your curtain (yes, that’s true).

Elements of Home Automation System

If your home device can be connected to a network then it can be a part of home automation. You can control basic devices like electronic locks, power outlets, kitchen appliances air conditioning, and lights remotely.

Sensors, actuators, and control devices make the home automation system work. Home automation can be managed through tablets, PCs, and smartphones.

Lighting Control through Home Automation

Hue lights are the latest smart lighting system. They are available in various colors and patterns. These smart lights can be controlled and customized through an app. You can program them or switch them on according to your needs.

Security systems

Home automation allows you to keep an eye on your home remotely. These include remote monitoring through the camera which allows you to see your home at all times. Intrusion Alarm and detection systems use sensors to alert you about any intruder in your home. The other products in this range are fire alarm systems, video surveillance cameras, compound security, gas leak detection system, burglar alarm, and fire alarm.

Theft protection systems attached to valuable objects alert you when any attempt is made to move these objects. You can also lock and unlock your doors using home automation systems. Areas like basements, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms that are vulnerable to gas and water leaks can be secured using environmental sensors. These sensors alert you in the eventuality of floods or gas leaks.

Best Home Automation Systems in the Market

Amazon Alexa, Savant, Apple Homekit, Google Nest, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink are some of the best automation systems in the market. Amazon Alexa can be connected with more than 60,000 appliances. It is also built into products like Fire TV Editions, Fire TV Cube, Ecobee 4, and many others. Amazon Alexa is equipped with an Alexa Skills Kit (ASK).

Simplisafe is a simple and smart home security system. It sends out an alert when it detects floods, fires, or intruders in your home. It works well with Amazon Alexa. SimpliSafe’s drawback is that it can be connected only with products of 5 different brands which limits a user’s choices.

Consumers with a higher budget can opt for Savant which allows you to enjoy a customized smart home experience. It is compatible with more than 380,000 appliances including Roku Box, Apple TV, and Sonos speakers.

Apple HomeKit is compatible with all Apple products like Apple TVs, iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watch. However, users of Apple HomeKit may experience some difficulty in integrating it with non-Apple products. Apple is trying to solve this problem by supporting more peripherals and increasing its collaboration with brands.

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