Magic: The Gathering – new play mode

Magic: The Gathering – new play mode

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Magic has been around a long time, I remember breaking out my Giant Growth in the places that were never appropriate (in-game of course…), since then, the franchise that is headed up by Wizard has bought more players into the game who don’t want to play paper.

Credit: Game News 24

Magic: The Gathering Arena threw its way into the digital scene around September 2018 alongside some other popular titles such as Hearthstone and Pokemon TCG Online.

This wasn’t to say it had its issues, like most, but they have already pushed out to the mobile device users and its numbers have increased even more.

A new arena play mode, Alchemy, which is based on its original Standard format, is due to come into action on the 9th of December 2021, it seems they are trying to balance the game a little to make the meta fair (usually a banned card sneaks in eventually to do this anyway).

Credit: Wizard

Direct from Wizards announcement you can expect:

  • An Ever-Evolving Play Mode
    Build decks with Standard cards, new-to-digital cards, and rebalanced cards in a new MTG Arena play mode that evolves as fast as our players.
  • New-to-Digital Cards
    Alchemy will launch with 63 new-to-digital Magic cards featuring mechanics designed specifically for digital play, and players can expect more new cards alongside every Standard set release.
  • Rebalanced Magic Cards
    Alchemy features rebalanced versions of existing Standard cards to shake up the meta for digital play. Players can expect these regular changes to the format to create a dynamic play experience between Standard set releases.
Credit: Game News 24

When Alchemy (that’s potions right…?) is released, it will be an automatic update for all users, with no extra cost (apparently), and included in this you can expect to receive:

  • 3 x Alchemy Boosters
  • 6 x Rare Alchemy Individual Card Rewards (ICR’s)
  • 1 x Alchemy Mythic Rare

See you on the field… with a counter!

Featured Image Credit: MTG Arena Zone

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