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The Fairly OddParents Live Action Reboot Trailer is here!

The Fairly OddParents Live Action Reboot Trailer is here!

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A live-action trailer has just been released by Paramount Plus showing us a glimpse into the new rebooted live-action ‘Fairly Odd Parents’.

The TV show will show a grown-up Timmy Turner (Caleb Pierce) passing down his Fairly Odd Parents, Wanda and Cosmo to his 13-year-old cousin Viv (Audrey Grace Marshall). It will follow her friends and Viv taking it in turns taking wishes and the mayhem that ensues with it.

Source: Variety

The original series ran on Nickelodeon for a total of 16 years, following Timmy going on adventures with his magical fairy godparents who granted his wishes.

Susanne Blameslee and Daran Norris, who were the original voice actors for Wanda and Cosmo will return to their respective characters who will be animated similarly to the original series.

Source: Syfy

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know your thoughts. It honestly can’t be worse than it looks right?

‘The Fairly Odd parents: Fairly Odder’ will have a 10 episode run on Paramount Plus, available to watch on March 31st.

Featured Image Credit: IGN

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